Sinopec-Addax major Digital Transformation Program is now completed

In 2018 DGtop completed one of the most ambitious fast-track Digital Transformation for an International Oil and Gas Company.

Quick summary of this extraordinary project : August 2017, Addax Petroleum (a Sinopec group company) decided to close their Geneva office and transfer all activities to Sinopec headquarter in China. These include the complete management of the group’s African subsidiaries active in extraction, supported by a comprehensive IT system developed, managed, supported and hosted in Geneva. If the transfer of activities is done in five months, the relocation of this complex information system, hosted in two datacenters in Geneva that cannot afford any disruption, presents a complexity that will require the development of an innovative strategy.

After having been associated to this strategy preparation between August and December 2017 where we have proposed a full migration to cloud, DGtop has been mandated to conduct this ambitious fast-track project starting in January 2018 : Twelve months to move into an MS Azure cloud 130 Applications including the Company ERP, used by more than 1500 users in five countries plus an advanced GIS (Geographical Information System) controlling all their extraction wells sites, containing more than 6000 tables with tens of Terabytes of valuable data. Without any activity disruption.

We started by building the project team carefully. The best experts in the key areas of this project, but who are also personalities whose qualities and motivation should allow us to meet this challenge that is altogether technical, strategical and deadline based. We have also carefully selected our external partners with the same goal and attention.

In these situations, the seamless design and monitoring of detailed project plans, application and data network architectures is crucial and will receive the greatest attention, as well as the constant integration of our customer with weekly video conference meetings to ensure consistent and effective coordination.

In May, the migration of the GIS is already completed, and the first tests begin in June with in addition of the usual feature’s verifications, performance measures and adjustments of parameters to take benefit of the new cloud possibilities. These rapid advances allowed us to switch the GIS system live on July 16, 2018. The rest of the applications will be migrated before the end of August. Beginning of training for users, future responders and local technical support started in September and the dismantling of the two datacenters is completed mid-December.The project is now officially finished, exactly 1 year after its beginning, within budget and deadlines planned and to the complete satisfaction of the customer as pointed out by Mr. Wu, CIO of the group Sinopec.

This program has received the Sinopec Presidential Award 2018.

Always Ahead.